Sunday, November 18, 2012

Welcome to "The Farm"

After my 'baby' girl graduated high school in 2010, I decided to finally move to what we have for years lovingly called "The Farm".

The farm had already given our family many memories acting as a second home on weekends and summers. The 'Farmer' and I figured we would settle into a quite country life with grown kids visiting occasionally and more adult time.  If you have followed my other blog, Design to Shine, you know those plans changed a bit with the arrival of my nephew and little 'cowboy'.
He has lived with us since March 2011 and has been both a joy along with an adjustment at our age!  The blessing in all of this has been that the 'Farmer' and I have had time to re-evaluate life.  The 'Farmer' has really wanted to grow our own garden and we haven't seemed to get it together the last two years.  In 2010, the Farmer had already planted a small garden spot and we enjoyed squash, tomatoes, a bit of corn and cantaloupes.  This year we had 'wild' watermelons (from watermelons shared by the pool and seeds washed off the pool deck).  We didn't even plant the seeds!  But we had watermelons.

Currently we have a fall garden of broccoli, collard greens and what few cabbage plants that the deer spared.  Over the next few posts I will introduce you to our farm animals.  As you can see above, we have horses, although we rarely ride anymore.   

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