Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Turkey Talk

Since it is almost Thanksgiving, let's talk Turkey.

Meet Tall Tom.  We acquired Tom, two years ago from a family because Tom had lost his mate.  The family thought Tall Tom would be happier with a bunch of chickens for companionship.  He is a happy turkey and very friendly!  Now the Farmer just couldn't handle Tom not having a 'girlfriend', so the search began for a Bronze female.  Bronze turkey's are the most popular breed of turkey in America, originally a cross between the domestic turkey's brought over by the European colonists and the wild turkey.

We finally found 3 hens of various breeds; a Bronze, a white Holland and a Bourbon Red.  There was a lot of talk going on out at the barn when the girls arrived on the scene.  Along with a bit of strutting.
Here is Tall Tom with two of his lady friends.
We keep them in a covered pen next to the barn in the evening where they have access to roost in the barn.  They are allowed to wander during the day.  They are quite entertaining chasing the barn kitties!

This year we raised several more turkey's in our incubator, from the Bronze turkey eggs.  Here is a photo of one of our young turkeys, earlier in the summer. 
And another of the turkey roaming inside the barn hall.
In case you are wondering, No we do NOT eat our turkeys.  We haven't raised them to eat.  Well, yet.  Never say never.  We do however gather their eggs and use them mostly in baking.  Yes, you can eat their eggs.

One interesting fact:  If we whistle or call up the horses (more like yell!), the Toms gobble.  The hens make a cluck, which most hunters are familiar with their sound, as they use it to 'call up' the toms.

Will you be having turkey on your Thanksgiving table?  


  1. Sherri,
    I am learning so many interesting things about you. I think I may have missed quite a few posts somewhere:)