Monday, November 26, 2012

Weekly Menu Planning

If you came over from my blog, Design to Shine, you know how I love my weekly menu planning.  With a milk cow on the farm, I am finding menu planning a necessity.  Because Rosie has to be milked both in the morning and evening, it has taken us a bit to adjust to the new routine.  Both the Farmer and I work full time jobs, plus we have a 5 year old boy.  Usually, I pick up the little cowboy after work and that puts me at home about 5:45pm.  Milking is done between 6 - 6:30pm, morning and evening.  If I hang out in the barn to play with AnnaBelle, supper is around 7:30pm.  Not a good time to begin cooking when bedtime for the youngen is 8:30pm.  I am trying to have meals that can carry over for a night, are easy or using my crock pot 'chef' that cooks my meals while I am working at the U.
Here is this week's supper plan with links to recipes:
Monday - Leftover Potato Soup  with grill cheese sandwiches  (soup made on Sunday)
Tuesday - Meatballs with white gravy over creamed potatoes, green beans
Wednesday - Broccoli Alfredo Pasta  (this recipe calls for chicken, which I omit sometimes) with fresh yeast rolls
Thursday - Leftovers
Friday -  Clean out the frig or Pizza
Saturday - French Toast and fresh bacon (purchased from a local butcher shop)
Sunday - My Easy Chicken Pot Pie
For more ideas check out Organized Junkie for 100's of meal plans.
What are you having for supper this week? I love reading everyone's menus!


  1. For some reason, I just can't really get into writing out a weekly menu! I usually make one casserole type meal and we eat on that for several nights. I just kind of wing it and make spur of the moment meals from my freezer and pantry. So far, that works for us three! Blessings from Bama!

  2. Happy you are posting again, enjoy reading it. Thanks for sharing you weekly menu with us. I don't normally do a weekly menu, but beginning to plan more meals to have enough to eat and freeze for another meal. I really like having extra meals in freezer to get out for quick meals. Some of my favorites: Cook smoked picnic ham with can of Pepsi poured over it, cook in slow cooker overnight; Cook chicken breast with some of bottle BBQ sauce over it, cook in slow cooker; Cook beef roast, potatoes, carrots, with 1 can of mushroom soup & 1 can of water and pack of onion soup mix, cook slow overnight in slow cooker; Cook chicken pot pies, one to eat and one to freeze; sometimes we eat a bowl of cheese grits. Hope this will be helpful to you. I get many cooking ideas from