About Me

Just a simple city girl living a country girl's dream.  

That is how I describe myself.  Although in reality, I was raised a country girl thanks to my daddy who moved his 4 girls (my 2 younger sisters, myself and my mom) to a small town outside the big city (Atlanta) when I was only 7 years old.  

We left a split level house with central vac back in the 70's to move to a farm house over 100 years old and 14 acres of land.  For many many years our family worked a garden with mom canning and freezing most of our food.  Once we owned two cows and I will never forget taking my 'pet' Boss to be butchered for the family table.  I wasn't fond of gathering eggs from our chickens back then, always afraid they would peck me.  I wouldn't say I have 'farm' experience, because most of what I have is wonderful family memories.  

Now in my late 40's I have returned to my 'roots'.  Two years ago, I left my small country 'city' house where I raised my two grown children and moved to a small rural farm.  The 'Farmer' and I not only work full time jobs, we are also raising my 5 year old nephew plus trying to become our own little sustainable family farm.

I've blogged as Design to Shine for several years now and many of the same things I blogged about there will carry over - menu planning, thrifty living in addition to our adventures on the farm.  Hopefully I will be sowing seeds for years to come as I strive for the simple life down on our farm.

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  1. Hi Sherri! Nice to meet ya! I'm from Alabama so we're 'neighbors'! Hopped over from the blog-hop! Blessings from Bama!