Wednesday, April 17, 2013

We named the Farm!

You could say we've been farming our whole lives.  Me and the Farmer both grew up in families that kept summer gardens and farm animals.  Although there were plenty of years that I didn't grow a thing except children in the 'city'!
Now that I am back to my roots and seeking a more simple life; farming, homesteading...whatever you would like to call it, is just what we are doing.
There has been tons of changes 'down on the farm' and we are learning something new each day.  Even as a country girl!
We have big dreams and have been working on a plan to move towards those dreams.  Obtaining livestock guardians and rabbits.
First things first - we wanted to name the farm.  After tossing names left and right, one finally stuck.
Lost Lake Farm
I have also set up a Facebook page full of farm photos.  If you would like to keep up with the day to day antics of farm critters, along with a few fun family farming photos and information on farming, homesteading...give us a holler over there!  Just click this link:  Lost Lake Farm on Facebook  and come enjoy some down home country fun.

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