Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Family Tradition, Chicken-n-Dressing

Why would Chicken-n-Dressing be a family tradition?  Not because it is always served at our Thanksgiving.  It is because we have a special night set aside as a family one or two nights before to make the dressing.
We have homemade biscuits for supper (because we are already making them to include in the dressing) and everyone has a 'job'.  I usually de-bone the 'big fat hen'.
Although the night of 'making the Thanksgiving Chicken-n-Dressing' is a tradition, some things have changed over the years.  We found the easiest way to cook our hen is in the crockpot.
We make a huge batch.  Really really big.
The mixing bowl is huge...20 quarts.
There is laughter, story telling and taste testing for the perfect mix of flavors.  Finally we end up with very large pan of chicken and dressing mix.
Usually we make two batches.  One for our family and one to share with others.

Do you have a traditional dish that has become a family tradition?

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  1. Mama always stewed a hen just to help make the dressing... she said it made the best dressing ever and Grandmom always included small tender bits of the hen mixed in the baked dressing as well... I need to get back to that... thanks for the reminder...!!