Monday, November 19, 2012

Chicken Chatter

The Farm went to the birds a long time ago.  Over the years there have been numerous and varied types of chickens and other fowl roosting in the barn.   Let's start with chickens and eggs.
Meet our Mr. Rooster
Mr. Rooster is a sweetheart.  He charms the ladies in the barn and is quite the gentleman.  Very docile even for little ones.  Our own little 'chicken wrangler' can carry him around.
This fine Rooster actually lives the life of luxury in the barnyard, hallway of the barn and out of the chicken coop.  Because of his sweet manners, the other roosters tend to pick on him.  
He has lots to say about bullying.  Not cool, cock-a-doodle-do!  We have several Dominique, also known as Dominicker hens and a few roosters.  This year we added another breed of chickens to the farm:  Cochin.  The Farmer likes this particular breed and they are also very calm and friendly chickens. 
One of the young Cochins, earlier in the summer.
We also hatched off some of the eggs earlier this year and were successful in raising several more hens.
Although this is a bad cell phone photo, this is my oldest daughter - the 'chicken charmer'.  ;-)
Our chickens are able to free range with use of a covered pen and coop in the barn.  We have lots of coyotes, so we have to get them up at dusk.

A daily farm chore is gathering the eggs.  Farm fresh eggs taste better than store bought ANY day!  Even our little cowboy can taste the difference.   Recently while having breakfast at IHop, he mentions that his eggs didn't taste 'right'.  Smart kid!  Not only do store bought eggs taste bland once you've eaten farm eggs, fresh chicken eggs are healthier for you.

Once the eggs are gathered, we place them in egg crates.  We do sell 'farm fresh eggs' by the dozen and dozen/half cartons.  Plus we eat plenty of scrambled eggs!  I can't remember the last time I purchased 'store bought' eggs.

Who else is a farm egg gal?

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  1. I agree those store bought eggs don't taste right. I would rather go without than eat those things. Love the color of the first rooster, he's a beauty:)